2024 UKREiiF Delegate Directory – View & Connect With Attendees

Once you’ve purchased a ticket for UKREiiF you’ll get access to our Delegate Directory where you can view the other attendees, message them and start to create a target list for your UKREiiF attendance. You’ll be able to filter by company, the latest names and more.

View Attendees

Take a look at others attending UKREiiF – enabling you to scope out potential targets you’re keen to meet with and plan your day through potential meetings.

Message Attendees

The platform will allow you to message fellow attendees which will mean you can pre-arrange meetings, invite guests to your own fringe events and more.


Build one to one relationships on the platform by connecting with your potential clients – meaning you can quick view your connections for easy messaging.

Quick & Easy To Use

The platform is incredibly easy to use and quick to get access to. Once you register you’ll get an account automatically, simply update your details.

Not yet purchased your ticket for UKREiiF? Click here to register and get full access to the directory.