Social Value will always be embedded in UKREiiF – working with our event partners, Advisory Group, and supporters to create a knowledge-sharing platform.

We have a dedicated Pavilion focused on Social Value – in 2022 and 2023, this has been sponsored by The 55 Group, who ran a knowledge programme to discuss improving and maximising social value within projects while also running sessions to share knowledge with their experts.

In addition, we added a D&I pavilion in 2023 to further enhance this and enable people and communities from those under-represented in our industry to have a platform. This includes Young Entrepreneurs in Property, Regeneration Brainery, Real Estate Balance, and Liverpool’s Future Impact Board.

All of our partners, however, also embedded Social Value into their programme of activity, meaning it was a key focus across all 30+ stages.


We will always have at least one dedicated Pavilion for Social Value – where the partner will work alongside us and the Advisory Group to create a knowledge sharing programme that focuses on action not just talk. Since 2022 this has been run by Pagabo, but in 2022 we also ran a Building People D&I Pavilion, with Mott MacDonald running this space in 2023.

In 2024 we have enhanced this to a larger space now run by Charity Partner Regeneration Brainery, and will be running hackathons and workshops in a new ‘Department’ zone.


For both events in 2022 and 2023, we measured the social value UKREiiF has generated and thereafter we can monitor going forward the impact we’re making, with the ability for us to set targets to enhance this over the coming years.

We have worked with Loop – The Social Value People to measure this output and calculate the positive social value and community benefit UKREiiF brings which totalled £1.1 million in year one and a huge £2.25 million in 2023.
UKREiiF has also generated over £17.5 million in local economic benefit over the course of the two years, reports from Arup found.


We’re striking up numerous partnerships with organisations who have Social Value at the heart of their operations – ensuring that we’re not alone in delivering a positive outcome from UKREiiF – not just at the annual event, but all year round.

Regeneration Brainery, Black Women in Real Estate, Women in Property, Building People, Young Entrepreneurs in Property, Association of Muslim Surveyors and Real Estate Balance are just a few of the organisations who we’re working with in many innovative ways – those we have entered official partnership agreements with can be seen at the bottom of the page.


We’re looking to utilise the UKREiiF platform to raise awareness and funds through a multitude of different things – but here’s some of the activity we’ve done – so far we have raised around £150,000 in the first two years.

In 2022 we raised £40,000 for charity through things such as the LandAid special achievement award, and supporting Club Peloton, the Pagabo Foundation Games and running a fringe event raising funds for Angels for Freedom.

In 2023 this continued with over £100,000 including the continuation of the above, in addition to the UKREiiF Cycle Sportif, Iceni Projects Ride to UKREiiF, NOTAPHASE’s involvement in a Freehold LGBT event and more.


To help with physical and mental wellbeing we have a number of events at UKREiiF which will fit perfectly with your day.

Some of these include Pagabo’s Feel Good Games, Net-Walking events, tours of the city, morning running clubs, yoga and padel boarding.

On some of our event stages we also have wellbeing activities and workshops which continue to refresh the mind during the day.


We’re working with both an EDI consultant and gather attendee feedback to ensure UKREiiF is truly welcoming to everyone from every background.
The forum space will have numerous areas which feed into this which are already planned out – examples being a prayer room a short distance from the main event area, and a quiet space that supports the full range of neurodiversity in attendees, and more.


Do you require a British Sign Language interpreter at the event?

We understand the need for those hard of hearing to have support at events like UKREiiF to ensure equal opportunities and benefits are available.

If you’re in need of a BSL interpreter just let us know via the Contact Us form and we’ll organise, free of charge, an interpreter to support you during your visit – interpreting the content and discussions on the stages, or aiding networking periods to interpret simultaneously as you meet new people.


Internally we’ve been working to a Diversity Charter for many years – unlike many event operators in our sector we will always have diversity across our panels where possible, and never have all-male panels. This is to ensure society is represented when we discuss the future of our communities rather than the industry.

To do this we have a three-strong content team who are dedicated to procuring speakers from all background, and we utilise relationships with 60+ D&I partners.

In addition to diversity across our panels we’re activity sharing our charter with sponsors to ensure they sign up to our agreed level of diversity.

In 2023 we implemented a change to ensure more minority ethnic representation on our panels – with 48% female speakers and 14.5% minority ethnic speakers taking to the stage in 2023. In 2024 we’ve also committed to one NextGen speaker on every panel we put together.


We will partner with many businesses positively promoting the Social Value and EDI agenda in the industry at UKREiiF – to help them promote their message and fringe events.

This has included LGBTQ+ history tours with Freehold, site visits with Women in Property, evening fringe events with Women in Architecture, a ‘Yes We Can’ fringe event raising money for charity (£7.5k in 2023), LandAid quiz night, Hexa’s Charity Sportif, and much more. These types of fringe events are open to all and inclusive in nature to ensure delegates can attend who aren’t attending UKREiiF, whilst being promoted to those within these groups and associations, but also the wider industry to promote ally-ship.


Starting in 2022 Club Peloton ran a ride to UKREiiF to raise money for charity – growing in 2023 to more riders, and now several rides will take place to UKREiiF in 2024 raising more money for charity. In addition we’re supporting Iceni Projects who are also running two rides one from London and another from Edinburgh

We also promote Hexa Consulting’s UKREiiF Sportif which raises money for Yorkshire’s Children’s Charity – taking place on the Thursday of UKREiiF. All of this promotes wellbeing and sustainability in addition to raising charitable funds.


By paying the real Living Wage we’re making a voluntary commitment and stand to ensure our employees are earning a wage which is enough to live on. EDI is at the heart of UKREiiF and this demonstrates that we want to bring fairness into our own workplace – going further than the Government’s minimum wage.

It also helps us attract and retain the best and most motivated people – and living wage is an excellent way of ensuring we can do this.


We’re always looking at ways to ensure UKREiiF accommodates for all – and we’ve had great feedback on the food and beverage offerings we have at UKREiiF.

A large F&B Avenue sees numerous options across the site with vegetarian, vegan, halal, gluten free and many other options available.

We also don’t allow alcoholic drinks on-site until 3pm and later, which has also received great feedback in comparison to other industry events where alcohol is served in the morning until late.


UKREiiF has supported social enterprise Canal Connections CIC by investing money and time into upgrading a canal barge so it was fit for purpose to enable them to raise more charitable funds. They utilise waterways and its environment to engage individuals, families and communities – and especially support people going through mental health challenges, addiction, bereavement and more

Canal Connections explore the opportunities for social regeneration presented through the waterways and its environs by the innovative engagement of individuals, families, communities and organisations (corporate, statutory and voluntary) whilst enhancing the built and natural heritage of that environment.

CPD Accreditation

CPD standard for Continuing Professional Development – and UKREiiF is a CPD Accredited event meaning those attending can use their attendance at UKREiiF towards their personal development hours.

The learning value of UKREiiF has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality, and our accreditation means we’ve passed the audits to ensure we can be officially recognised as a provider – this is due to the excellent content, thought leadership and activity which takes place at UKREiiF. All of this has a true value to personal and professional development.

To learn more contact us directly.


We’re delighted to have been celebrated for the work we’re doing across D&I.

This has included being shortlisted by D&I Champion of the Year by Black Professionals in Construction (BPIC) at their annual awards, in addition to being announced as the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Champions at the BAME Planners Network annual awards in December 2023.

We’re looking forward to further successes as we continue to lead from the front in the area of D&I.


We’re actively working with a multitude of businesses and organisations to create a more diverse and inclusive events – with partnerships ranging from engaging with members to hosting fringe event activity across the city. Here are some of the partners we’re working with:


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