Russell Group, a Scottish logistics firm, has expanded its operations by acquiring the Coatbridge Rail Terminal from Freightliner. This strategic acquisition places the terminal adjacent to Russell Group’s existing Coatbridge facilities, enhancing the company’s network connectivity and service capabilities.

The new addition to the Russell Group’s portfolio is expected to offer substantial benefits across various sectors. Employees are likely to find new career opportunities as the company diversifies its services. Customers will enjoy improved logistics services, characterized by quicker deliveries facilitated by multimodal transport solutions. Additionally, this shift towards increased rail freight usage supports the company’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, in line with their target to achieve net zero by 2040.

Alongside the acquisition, Russell Group has launched a new trading entity, Russell RailRoad Limited. This subsidiary is set to spearhead innovative rail freight solutions and encourage stronger collaboration across the Russell Group’s network.

Alan Poulton, CEO of Russell Group, commented on the acquisition, stating, “Acquiring the Coatbridge site not only expands our network but also enhances our delivery speeds and operational efficiency. This step is a core part of our strategy to meld efficiency with environmental responsibility.”

John G Russell, the founder and Chairman of Russell Group, remarked, “This move builds on our 45-year history in rail freight and is in line with our enduring commitment to develop sustainable solutions for our customers.”

This development marks a significant step in Russell Group’s strategy to enhance its service offerings and environmental initiatives within the logistics industry.