The defunct Clune Park estate in Port Glasgow is set to undergo a £31 million transformation as per the revised masterplan recently revealed. Inverclyde councillors are now faced with the task of approving these fresh redevelopment proposals, which have been refined since their initial presentation in October 2018.

The struggle to secure control over privately-owned flats on the beleaguered estate has spanned over a decade for the local authority. Despite these efforts, 150 homes on the estate are still held by private owners.

The envisaged rejuvenation, aimed at addressing years of vandalism, fire incidents, and neglect, includes the construction of 135 new homes. This assortment of flats, cottage flats, and houses is set to breathe new life into the area beleaguered by dilapidation.

The revamp is slated for completion in two phases. The initial phase encompasses the redevelopment of the B-listed former primary school, alongside the adjacent church and resource centre. The school, which has been vacant for over ten years, suffered a devastating fire recently, necessitating a reassessment of its structural integrity. The council report highlights the possible retention of the school’s facade, pending a thorough safety evaluation post the blaze.

The second phase extends the redevelopment to the southern carriageway of Glasgow Road, integrating a new cycle path to foster active travel from Fyfe Park Terrace to Clune Brae. Additionally, the existing park at the west entrance will see upgrades, complemented by a new ‘pocket park’ at the east end of the site.

This revamped vision for Clune Park, crafted by Hypostyle Architects, seeks to address the prevalent issue of unoccupied dwellings and rampant vandalism. By harnessing housing-led regeneration, Inverclyde Council and its partners aim to capitalize on Clune Park’s rich history and close proximity to natural amenities, transforming it into a coveted residential locale.

The council report also outlined the acquisition strategy for the remaining 161 properties in Clune Park, supplementing the 269 already under council ownership. The properties are currently divided among Inverclyde Council, River Clyde Homes, and various private landlords.

As the redevelopment blueprint garners attention, the council committee is scheduled to convene on November 2 to deliberate on the recommendations, setting the stage for a pivotal decision that could reshape the face of Clune Park, and by extension, the Port Glasgow community.