Exeter City Council are planning a major residential development near the canal – on the site of a former industrial centre. The large-scale regeneration will see around 15,000 homes being developed on sites acquired over the past few years.

The site will create a community as part of the council’s Liveable Exeter vision.

Richard Clarke, of Water Lane DMC, said: “Although the proposals are at an early stage, we would like to start a conversation with neighbours, and people living and working right across the city of Exeter, to help refine our vision of a low- car, low-carbon community, well connected to the city, but also a place where people will be able to live, work and spend their leisure time”. 

He added that the city must ”make the best use of underutilised land within the city’s boundaries” if it is to “thrive and grow” in a way that protects the environment. 

Water Lane is one of nine sites identified in the city council’s Liveable Exeter programme. 

The DMC is working closely with Co-Cars, to develop electric car, van and bike-sharing hubs as part of the development. 

Clarke said submitting a planning application was “some way off” but it was important “the local community, and people in Exeter, have an opportunity to be involved in the design of this new and highly sustainable community.”