Bristol’s iconic Ashton Gate Stadium is on the brink of a transformative phase, with the green light given for the construction of a state-of-the-art basketball arena, conference facility, hotel, residential flats, office spaces, and a parking structure. This ambitious venture, dubbed the “Sporting Quarter,” has received formal planning consent from the Bristol City Council.

The project’s approval comes after nearly a year of deliberation, with the initial nod given during a council session. The subsequent months witnessed intricate discussions between city planners and the development team from Bristol Sport, led by Steve Lansdown, to finalize the project’s specifics.

Adjacent to the Sporting Quarter, another significant development, the Longmoor Village residential project, is set to rise on the land near Ashton Vale. This housing initiative is envisioned to encompass 500 homes, providing a harmonious blend of urban living with the serenity of nature.

While the Sporting Quarter’s blueprint has been meticulously detailed, the Longmoor Village project has only received outline planning permission. This means that while the overarching vision for the residential area has been approved, more detailed plans will be required before construction can commence.

One of the pivotal aspects that facilitated the project’s approval was the design of a bridge connecting the A370 Long Ashton bypass to the housing site. The Environment Agency has expressed satisfaction with the bridge’s design, ensuring it doesn’t exacerbate flooding risks from the nearby Ashton Brook.

The Sporting Quarter is poised to become a hub of activity and entertainment in Bristol. Central to its design is a sports and convention center, which will serve as the home ground for the Bristol Flyers basketball team. This versatile venue will also cater to a myriad of events, from concerts to conferences, accommodating thousands of attendees. Complementing this center will be a hotel, a residential block with 125 units, office spaces, retail outlets, a fitness center, a club museum, and a spacious multi-level parking facility.

As preparations for the project gain momentum, the initial phase will involve clearing the designated site, paving the way for the construction of this landmark development in Bristol. The Sporting Quarter promises to be a testament to Bristol’s commitment to sports, entertainment, and urban development, marking a new chapter in the city’s vibrant history.