In a substantial shift towards urban renewal, Blackburn is on the brink of a transformative phase with the unveiling of a £250 million masterplan.

This significant redevelopment is part of the ambitious Blackburn Town Centre Masterplan, which was introduced in December 2021 to revitalise the heart of the town. The scheme is not just about restructuring; it’s a vision for economic resurgence and community development, projected to create 1,000 new jobs. The masterplan envisions a comprehensive makeover, including the construction of 500 residential units, the erection of five new commercial structures, and the innovative restoration of the fire-damaged St John’s Church, aimed at transforming it into a versatile workspace catering to the creative and digital sectors.

A notable element of the plan is the strategic relocation of the Morrisons supermarket to the former Thwaites brewery site, signifying a major upgrade in the town’s retail landscape. The masterplan’s foresight extends to improving urban infrastructure, such as enhancing the Morrisons multi-storey car park for public use and introducing a new petrol station equipped with electric vehicle charging facilities, courtesy of Blackburn’s EG Group.

Moreover, the masterplan champions green urban living, with proposals to intersperse new green spaces, trees, and shrubbery throughout the 12 acres designated for redevelopment. While the Thwaites Star Brewery site, spanning seven acres, currently serves as a temporary storage area for Leyland Daf trucks, it is poised for a significant transformation once Morrisons’ planning application for a new store is processed by the council.

This bold initiative represents a significant step towards a renewed and vibrant Blackburn, charting a course for a future where history and modernity coalesce to create a dynamic urban tapestry.