Bassi Capital, having recently supported the MBO of Avison Young’s real estate restructuring team to form Watling Real Estate, has now set its sights on achieving £10bn in assets under management (AUM). This ambitious goal comes on the heels of the firm’s acquisition of a 50% stake in commercial property management company CGBA Robson in 2022. Currently, the firm boasts £3bn in AUM.

Gurpreet Bassi, the CEO of Bassi Capital, highlighted their aspiration to mold a versatile UK property group equipped to prosper through any economic phase. He remarked, “Our discussions are centered on property management, property agency, and bridging finance. Bassi Capital’s strong financial position, free from debt and capable of quickly leveraging additional finance, is a key asset in our strategy.”

Bassi Capital’s consistent performance is evident in Bond Wolfe, a prominent auction house and agency business, which reported combined sales of £210m last year, marking a 20% growth from the year before. Additionally, Watling Real Estate has emerged as the UK’s top restructuring and recovery advisor.

Beyond its core focus, Bassi Capital has diversified investments in sectors such as flooring and distribution and owns the acclaimed Ashas restaurant located in Birmingham city center. The firm’s investments span publicly quoted securities, private limited companies, and partnerships.

Reiterating the firm’s growth vision, Gurpreet Bassi noted that while every business under Bassi Capital will retain its unique identity and management structure, he envisions the establishment of a unified board of directors as the group expands.