A forward acquisition of a care home is to be constructed in Biddenham (UK) for the Maria Mallaband Care Group with an investment of approx. £13.5 million.

The care home will have a capacity of 60 residents.

Stefaan Gielens, CEO of Aedifica, commented: “We are pleased to announce that Aedifica will invest approx. £13.5 million in the development of a brand-new care home in Biddenham. This purpose-built care property will comprise 60 en-suite bedrooms for seniors requiring continuous care. We look forward to continuing to develop and invest in futureproof healthcare real estate with our local team.”

The project1 will be developed in Biddenham (3,000°inhabitants, County Bedfordshire). The care home will accommodate 60 residents in spacious bedrooms with en-suite facilities that are specifically tailored to suit the needs of elderly people requiring continuous care. Contributing to the continued improvement of the sustainability of Aedifica’s real estate portfolio, the building will use energy-efficient systems, which should result in an ‘A’ EPC2 rating upon completion of the works. Construction is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2024

On 9 September 2022, Aedifica acquired a 25% stake in the British real estate company which has ownership of the plot of land. Upon completion of the building in 2024, Aedifica will acquire full ownership of the completed property by taking control of the remaining shares in the company. Aedifica’s total investment3 will amount to approx. £13.5°million.