UKREiiF – Beyond Net Zero

In 2019 the United Kingdom became one of the first countries in the world to enshrine into law a Net Zero target, committing the UK to achieving net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. The Net Zero emissions ambition will require technological and societal change on an almost unprecedented level.

Carbon dioxide emissions drive a massive part of the world’s growth currently – from activity as large as the heavy manufacturing of steel to as small as turning your heating on – carbon dioxide is the foundation upon which much of our daily lives is built upon. Achieving Net Zero means that has to change.

Net Zero will require fundamental changes across the real estate and infrastructure sectors, including:

Property Decarbonisation – whilst the electricity we use at home is increasingly green, the challenge of how we heat our homes in a zero carbon world will likely require many hundreds of billions of pounds to resolve.

Transport Decarbonisation – not just electric cars but solutions for heavy road vehicles like HGVs and Britain’s non-electrified railway lines.

Manufacturing energy generation – it will be almost impossible to electrify certain manufacturing processes, so finding solutions including hydrogen for sectors like steel production will be key.

Technology and Innovation – crucial to achieving Net zero will be the utilisation of technology and adoption of new innovative solutions to manage, monitor and improve carbon efficiency.

Energy – there is still a way to go to ensure a Net zero pathway is clean with energy generation.

Design – green infrastructure, biodiversity and more will be crucial to future design and development.

The decisions the UK makes in the coming years about how to reach Net Zero will shape the course of the next century. How we choose to reach Net Zero will affect everything from the financial viability of housing schemes to the level of S106 contributions potentially required for new commercial developments. Building on the discussions held at COP26 later this year, UKREiiF offers investors and developers the chance to shape the Net Zero agenda today – engaging with public sector decision makers to help lead the future.

Putting the Net Zero agenda at the forefront of our focus

When developing the UKREiiF agenda, we have worked closely with Government, Parliamentarians and the private sector to make sure our focus supports the Net Zero agenda, as the industry looks to play their role in tackling the climate crisis. To ensure UKREiiF truly drives forward the agenda here are some of the key focuses:

UK Based = Less Carbon Emissions

Net Zero Pavilion – 3 Days of Topical Discussions

Run to ISO20121 Event Sustainability Management Accreditation

Roundtable discussions, Net Zero Demonstrations and more

The UK’s Real Estate Investment & Infrastructure Forum Annual Event

3-Day Event – 3,000+ Attendees – 250+ Speakers – 100+ Exhibitors – 50+ Fringe Events

The UKREiiF movement will culminate in an annual event – the first of which will be held in the city of Leeds during May 2022. This event will take over the city, creating a vibrant festival feel across the whole of Leeds with inspirational talks, high level speakers and influential attendees.

The event will help enable the UK’s bid to Build Back Better – directly connecting investors, developers, the public sector, funders and end-users to inward investment, creating new relationships and unlocking inclusive economic growth.

The UK needs a platform for the public sector to showcase the scale of development progress and the profile future investment opportunities to investors, developers and occupiers from around the globe that is right here in the UK – and that is the platform UKREiiF provides.

Some of those who’ve already confirmed their involvement: