Leicester City Council has approved a £19.4 million redevelopment project that will transform the vacant Ian Marlow Centre in Blackbird Road into a hub for high-tech industries and start-up businesses.

Pioneer Park Expansion

The city council secured the £19.4 million funding to expand Pioneer Park, the city’s science park. This expansion will include two more “docks,” nine manufacturing spaces, and the redevelopment of land at Abbey Court next to the National Space Centre.

Ian Marlow Centre Redevelopment

The Ian Marlow Centre, previously used as offices, workshops, and storage buildings, will be demolished to make way for 22 new industrial units. The redevelopment aims to meet the demand for commercial employment workspace within Leicester City, providing opportunities for start-up and growing businesses.

Additional Government Funding

In addition to the £19.4 million for the Ian Marlow Centre, the city council had two more successful bids for levelling up funding in 2021, securing a total of £54 million in Government cash. This includes £17.6 million for a complete remodel of Leicester Railway Station and £8.5 million to transform former factory buildings at Pilot House into new start-up units for creative businesses.

The £19.4 million redevelopment of the Ian Marlow Centre is part of a broader investment strategy by Leicester City Council to foster innovation and economic growth. With a total of £54 million in Government funding for various projects, the city is prioritizing the transformation of vacant spaces into vibrant commercial hubs. These investments reflect Leicester’s commitment to creating skilled jobs and revitalizing key areas, positioning the city as a leading destination for business development and creativity.