Derbyshire has been chosen, alongside Nottinghamshire, Derby and Nottingham, to pioneer a new East Midlands Combined Authority. The deal will see £1.14 billion come to the region over 30 years and, as one of the largest combined authorities, will have greater influence at the highest levels to deliver a better quality of life for local people.

The deal would provide the region with a guaranteed income stream of £38 million per year over a 30-year period, and would cover around 2.2 million people, making it one of the biggest in the country.

As well as the £1.14 billion, it would include an extra £16 million for new homes on brownfield sites.

The devolution deal would mean a new elected regional mayor, like those which already exist in other areas, who would represent both cities and counties.

The deal means that a future mayor and combined authority could work with Homes England to build more affordable homes, by using new powers to buy land and housing.

The first election for a regional mayor for Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Derby and Nottingham would be in May 2024.

The 4 councils will be working closely together to develop the details of the deal, with each council taking a report through their council meetings later this year. There will also be a public consultation to ensure that the voice of residents, businesses and partners is fully heard.

The deal, which officially creates an East Midlands Mayoral Combined County Authority, will see greater investment in priorities like transport, housing, jobs, skills and climate change.

Leader of Derbyshire council, Councillor Barry Lewis said:

“We welcome the £1.14 billion devolution deal from the government on offer for our region. It’s fantastic news.

“We want to make the most of every penny so this can be used to make a real difference to people’s lives.

“We have fought for a fairer share for our cities and counties, and a bigger voice for our area, to give us the clout and the influence we deserve, and to help us live up to our full potential.

“This deal will help make that a reality, creating more and better jobs through greater investment in our area, with increased economic growth, better transport, housing, skills training, and an enhanced greener environment, as we move towards being carbon neutral. These are what we all want to see, and we will work together for the common good of the East Midlands.

“We haven’t always had the same level of funding or influence as other areas, which has held us back. This is a golden opportunity to change that and put the power to do so in our own hands.

“There is a lot still to be agreed, and this is the beginning of the journey, not the end. We’re determined to build on this deal over time, as other areas have done.”