Aberdeen City Council has launched a consultation on plans for the build of council houses at two proposed sites in the city.

The Greenferns and Greenferns Landward developments are both on land already owned by the local authority, with it saying that council homes would be built as phase one of the development of the sites – with 350 at Greenferns and 160 at Landward. Subsequent housing on both sites would be built by private housing developers including a portion of affordable housing.

At Greenferns, the council said the site would be about 182 acres, and approximately 1,650 homes are proposed. It would also include a neighbourhood centre comprising local retail and commercial space, leisure and community uses, and associated infrastructure – including new and upgraded access roads, landscaping, open space and, engineering works.

A range of open space types would be provided including areas suitable for recreation which also provide opportunities for biodiversity enhancement, the management of surface water run-off and, the mitigation of flood risk.

Greenferns Landward, which is about 69.6-hectares, would be residential-led development of approximately 1,570 homes, a new primary school, local neighbourhood retail and commercial space, leisure and community uses, a gypsy traveller site, landscaping, and open space. It is envisaged that the new primary school would include facilities available to the wider community the siting and the layout of the proposed new primary school is still being designed. There is also scope for new bespoke community spaces to be provided in the development to form a neighbourhood centre.