UKREiiF – Real Estate & Infrastructure

UKREiiF is focused on aiding the Build Back Better and Levelling Up agendas.

It is about connecting people, places and businesses to accelerate and unlock sustainable, inclusive and transformational investment, to bring around regeneration and development, and create opportunities for towns, cities and regions – and those living within them.

The Real Estate and Infrastructure sectors are crucial – Levelling Up and the Build Back Better agenda can’t truly happen without a UK wide focus on these sectors.

These industries collectively employ 10% of the UK’s workforce. The Real Estate industry contributes more than £100bn to the UK economy ever year – almost 10% of the UK’s total yearly GVA. That’s 50% larger than the entire economy of countries such as Croatia. And infrastructure creates the economic arteries and veins – through roads, ports, railways, airports, power lines, pipes, wires and digital connectivity. Better infrastructure creates better opportunities.

UKREiiF will amplify and strengthen the UK’s economic performance

The UK needs to bring together influencers, decision makers and policy shapers into one location to truly enable collaboration between the public and private sector. UKREiiF will provide the ultimate platform to do just that. Focusing heavily on the UK’s most important economic contributors – real estate, infrastructure and those which rely upon it including retail, logistics, automotive, energy and more.

The true magnitude of what UKREiiF can achieve will soon become apparent through the measuring and monitoring set to take place – whilst 365-activity including the Real Estate Opportunities Portal will create a connection for both domestic and international investors and developers to the UK opportunities.

UKREiiF will boost investment across the UK – creating opportunities, jobs and positive change

Collaboration across key influencers in all sectors – with Government, Local Authorities, and private sector organisations

An open platform to enable discussions on key topics crucial to the post pandemic recovery

Encouraging positive and sustainable investment to benefit communities, the planet and generations to come

The UK’s Real Estate Investment & Infrastructure Forum Annual Event

3-Day Event – 3,000+ Attendees – 250+ Speakers – 100+ Exhibitors – 50+ Fringe Events

The UKREiiF movement will culminate in an annual event – the first of which will be held in the city of Leeds during May 2022. This event will take over the city, creating a vibrant festival feel across the whole of Leeds with inspirational talks, high level speakers and influential attendees.

The event will help enable the UK’s bid to Build Back Better – directly connecting investors, developers, the public sector, funders and end-users to inward investment, creating new relationships and unlocking inclusive economic growth.

The UK needs a platform for the public sector to showcase the scale of development progress and the profile future investment opportunities to investors, developers and occupiers from around the globe that is right here in the UK – and that is the platform UKREiiF provides.

Some of those who’ve already confirmed their involvement: